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The Construction Specifications Institute (CSI)

The Construction Specifications Institute (CSI)

What is CSI?

The Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) is a national professional association that provides technical information and products, continuing education, professional conferences, and product shows to enhance communication among all the nonresidential building design and construction industry's disciplines and meet the industry's need for a common system of organizing and presenting construction documents. CSI's nearly 18,000 members include architects, engineers, specifiers, contractors, building owners, facility managers, and product manufacturers. Its policy of industry-wide membership has resulted in improved communication and unprecedented teamwork to develop innovative products and services of benefit to all involved in nonresidential construction.

Newsletter - The Construction Specifications Institute (CSI)

The Orange County Chapter Mission Statement

The mission of the Orange County Chapter of the Construction Specifications Institute, Inc., is to provide its membership with both the opportunity and a forum to share ideas and information openly with others in the construction industry in order to create and sustain the built environment, while recognizing and responding to changing industry trends.

It is also our purpose to promote improved industry communications, techniques, and procedures, as well as preparation, delivery, and use of Construction Documents. Of equal importance is the recognition and encouragement of exceptional quality of professional endeavors, while promoting and participating in the individual member's professional development and continuing education. Each individual member pledges, to the best of their ability, to promote closer relations, communications, and cooperation among the Chapter's membership.

Whereas, the Orange County Chapter is an autonomous subsidiary of the Construction Specifications Institute, Inc., it recognizes the value and responsibility for interfacing its programs, activities, and goals with those of the Institute in order to maximize the benefits to each individual member.

Code of Ethics

Believing that honesty, integrity, high ideals, and a general concern for the welfare of the construction industry are both desirable and necessary, and in a sincere effort to promote the objectives of the Construction Specifications Institute, Inc., members of the Orange County Chapter pledge themselves to:

  • Practice and maintain the highest standard of professional and responsible conduct;
  • Encourage and assist others in the attainment of their individual professional goals and aspirations;
  • Respect and maintain the confidentiality of all privileged information;
  • Refrain from participation in any activity that may result in a conflict of interest;
  • Avoid any misrepresentation of their product or service;
  • When asked, irrespective of any potential personal or professional gain, to provide the most accurate, candid, and impartial counsel possible.

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In the News

El Niño has arrived. What does it mean for the weather?

 El Niño has arrived. What does it mean for the weather?
By Roof Source on Feb 28, 2019 at 10:36 PM

It's official, an El Niño advisory is now in effect for the globe. After several months under a "watch," teetering on the edge of El Niño, NOAA's Climate Prediction Center (CPC) has finally pulled the trigger.

The climate phenomenon may enhance an already very stormy pattern across California, making it even stormier.
The El Niño Southern Oscillation is a natural cycle of warmer and cooler than normal Equatorial Pacific Ocean temperatures. The El Niño phase is a warming of the Central and sometimes Eastern Equatorial Pacific sea surface temperatures, occurring every few years on average.